Mastering Linked In For Marketers


The main problem that most people face is that they really don’t understand social media..

Social media is NOT the place to post your junk, your links, and your “spam”… all over the place
Social media is where you BEGIN a relationship!


linked in button JOIN ME OVER ON LINKEDIN

Too many people use social media incorrectly. If we take the time to really nurture our relationships there, learn about our potential prospects, and take the time to actually engage with them… instead of just trying to sell them something… Things will work out much better.

I mean after all, you don’t want to be hammered with a bunch of stuff that you’re not interested in on your newsfeed in your email box, and in your linkedin email box either right?

But if someone takes the time to actually build a relationship with you the odds are much better that they will show an interest back… So lets focus on creating those relationships.

There are a couple of main things you can do to be successful with social media.. In other videos on this site we go into the “meat” of exactly how… Here we can talk about the idea that social media won’t sell you anything…

But by using it correctly…

By searching out your perfect Prospect
Creating your perfect Brand
Making sure you are the go to Authority

You can go a long way to creating fantastic relationships on Social Media

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