One on One with Cowboy Keith

Let’s Face it… The world has changed. Old school marketing ideas, Although they still work… Are becoming more and more outdated. The idea of growing your business through “friend and family, buying leads, or knocking on doors, and cold calling in history”

The internet will continue to change but the question is… Are we prepared ?

Do we have our systems, automation, social media and websites set up properly to produce qualified prospects to talk to?

Just the fact that you are here reading this proves this very simple fact..

Automation, Lead Generation, Lead qualification can now happen on the internet. The point being that you only talk to highly qualified prospects on YOUR SCHEDULE… creating the business that you want to create from day one.

Work with Cowboy Keith to create a complete Social media Marketing Platform and Marketing System for your business.

Imagine what you’re business would be like if you could wake up each morning to a full calendar of interested, qualified prospects who WANT to talk to you about your services… That’s what Cowboy Keith and his team do for you!

In a Hands one Personal One on One Year Long Coaching Session…  Here’s just a FEW of the things we’ll work on together.

  1. Assessment of your business now Social Media Marketing Software
  2. Get of out of the DOING and into the BUILDING
  3. Goals, Directions, and Systems… SET IT UP!
  4. Start with Lead Generation FIRST!
  5. Database Software ( ability to text, email, voicemail drop, etc. etc)
  6. 10 Chapter membership site (this site)
  7. Personal One on One Coaching
    a. Chapter home work one on one (1/2 hour consultation after each assignment)
    b. Help you build your perfect sales funnel (cold-warm-appt-close)
    c. Get your Brand, Authority and Message PERFECT!
  8. Introduction of Multiple Streams of Income into your existing sales funne systems
  9. 1 year availability by phone (by appt) and email (24/7) for course corrections and Accountability
  10. Using NLP…and other resources… Get rid of the barriers to your success
  11. Much Much Much More!




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