Posting VS Advertising VS Relationships

Having been in marketing for years and years now, more and more becomes apparent to me.

There is a dramatic difference between posting, advertising and creating relationships.

We have all heard of the Know, Like and Trust factor right?

I mean no one wants to do business with someone that they don’t know like or trust right?

Especially when it comes to internet marketing, MLM, or social media marketing.

Social Media is massively misunderstood in this regard… So lets jump into it..

Posting on Social Media.

On a social media marketing platform such as Google+ or Facebook or Linkedin… Our posts should do two things.

Create credibility and Authority… and ENGAGE or clients.

(For More on Branding, Authority and Messaging SEE THIS POST)

If you’re posts skips these steps then it won’t have any credibility. For example… Often times I see people just blatantly posting their links and or business opportunities all over the place. This simply doesn’t attract the type of person that you would want in your business anyway…

Someone like me ( or an experienced marketer) wouldn’t be interested in such “trash” posted all over the place. The bottom line is that it just simply doesn’t work… Many people think that it does, but believe me… It doesn’t. If I see such a post, and then I ask the poster about it… They’ll of course tell me how great it works and then I’ll ask them about their engagement and conversion… and they can’t answer.

This to me… Is a failed idea… How does it benefit you to post your links and “junk” all over the place.


So what is the difference between advertising and posting on social media ? Advertising as we know it is changing all the time… Especially with the internet… But if you are advertising… You need to have your metrics set up… You need to have a sales funnel… and know your numbers… What are you trying to get the prospect to do? Do you have a plan for them? For example one major platform that we are all familiar with is Craigslist… When you post on craigslist you want people to call you or go to your website… That’s it..


So with advertising the message has to be that much “Stronger” to overcome the barriers of know, like and trust. See with social media, you’re job is to create engagement. With advertising you have to jump to direct action by the client. So this can be a challenge for most “newbies” into marketing… Because they are just so excited about their opportunity that they are just running around trying to tell everyone about it.

In our opinion, this is why social media trumps traditional advertising…

But… Most users of social media are using in incorrectly. They think that social media is the SAME as advertising… And obviously it is not… With social media you have the opportunity to actually ENGAGE your prospects, identify them by targeting, and creating a specific message for that target… Whereas advertising is shooting with the shotgun to get a wider target, and a more general message


So that all being said… Where do you want the “RELATIONSHIP” to start… That sort of depends on what you’re selling or marketing… Our opinion is that if you are in any sort of recruiting, mlm, sales or real estate… You should consider targeting your marketing FIRST, and the creating your Relationships… As apposed to just mass marketing your information.

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