The Evolution of a Online Marketer

There is an evolution that must happen with online marketers. Either the evolution will happen… or the marketer will fail… It’s just that simple.

Daily I get multiple offers from multiple people about multiple things… as I’m sure you do… But what’s different for me is that usually I take a look at what people are selling, how they are marketing it, and how they are doing with it…

Usually I can tell where that person lies on there Evolution as a marketer…

This is usually how it goes…

Someone finds a product or service that they want to market… Be it a network marketing company, or maybe they are a realtor and they want to start marketing online, or they are selling other marketing services…or whatever… Typically these people are going to be “excited” about their new venture…

understandably so… I’m always excited when we add a new product or service to our offerings…

Marketing Evolution Scale.

#1 NOOB newbie marketer..

The first thing that they do is run out and tell all their friends and family about how great there “widget” is… Usually there excitement is genuine… and I am typically excited for them because I am happy anytime anyone does ANYTHING to attempt to get out of a job/system that they don’t like, and takes a forward action… So CHEERS t the NOOB marketer!

Typically they may even get some direction from their upline/boss..
Make a list…
Talk to everyone that comes within 3 feet of you.. (we affectionaly call these people PUKERS)
Build a website
Go to Networking Mixers
Get business cards
Go to the Hotel/weekly conference calls.
Etc. Etc.

Often times we’ll see NOOBS jump from one company to the next, and/or get easily distracted by BOS (BRIGHT SHINY OBJECTS) that promise easier riches or simpler marketing.

This is great and can even work for some people in some situations… But Typically the person “GIVING” the advice to the noob isn’t much further along than they are in the business… and are not currently building an active business that they can be proud of…

As we see the problem with a NOOB… Is they may not have the commitment necessary to really take their business to a full time online marketing empire… Those situations above may getthe occasional lead or referral, or sale… But those activities can be a full time effort in of itself, let alone getting any selling done


This often happens with people that thing that just “TELLING EVERYONE” about their offer or opportunity is a great idea… IT ISN’T! Sometimes a NOOB will move towards becoming a (AAS-Almost a spammer)

The definition of a spammer is someone that sends out too much unsolicited information. See they are under the “false” idea that the more people that see their offer the more people will respond to it..

Typically their offer will not be their own creation… They will be offering someone elses affiliate program or product or service, because they have not created anything themselves that has value to the marketplace.

Typically the things that the AAS is missing is things like targeting marketing, and most importantly RELATIONSHIP BUILDING!!

Typically an AAS will spam something once… and then move on… Typically the AAS is NOT engaged with his customers and hopes that you will just go to their site and buy… Maybe it works for some… But not a strategy that has any LONG term growth potential.


A (SM-STRUCTURED MARKETER) will have a few things in place.
Typically they will have their own “lead capture pages” that they use to grow their list.
Typically the will have a DATABASE of some sort (above and beyond just an autoresponder)
Typically these people will start to create their OWN BRAND… Instead of using someone else’s landing pages, company name, or company sales funnel…
These people are starting to realize that they need their OWN NAME, OWN BRAND, OWN SALES FUNNEL…

And most importantly…. They are staring to actually create relationships with people…Through interaction and participation, and just longevity.


This person has typically been through all the other levels and has made a few new determinations for himself..

#1 They have a long term VALUE goal.
Something that is above and beyond just “GETTING MORE SALES”

#2 They have committed to constantly improving themselves and take Personal Development classes regularly

#3 They typically use Automation to the ends of CREATING and MAINTAINING relationships… Not just to SPAM their lists.

#4 “ATTRACTION MARKETING” plays a much bigger role in Professional Marketers efforts.

#5 Typically is very interested in the success and happiness of their clients before themselves

So taking a look at all 4 levels… Which are you?

We ALWAYS love to hear your feedback, comments, questions or rants!


IF you’d like to learn more about how we take people through these stages very quickly… and actually help you FUND YOUR GROWTH… Check out our main page


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  1. Interesting read Cowboy Keith! Great things to consider as I gear up toward developing my own on line business. Hopefully we can develop for ourselves a learning curve which will take us quickly to the Professional (PM) level. Don’t want to waste time lingering in the other stages.

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