Too Busy Making a Living to Create Wealth


Cowboy Keith here.


Recently it’s come into my awareness that people are very busy. Busy doing what? I’m not sure… To me it seems like we are too busy making a living to really ever create any wealth.

I talk to people everyday that tell me how they don’t have any money, and they are working very hard, and they are trying to get ahead… But they just can’t seem to move forward.

Many of the people that I know work hard at their jobs… 40-50-60 hours a week + commute time… Only to be laid off, or let go due to reasons that have nothing to do with them!!

What people don’t realize is that the system is broken. And it’s designed to that way!

See we are all told to go to a good school, get a good job, and work really hard and you will be ok… Well that may have worked for our parents and our grandparents… But for today’s workforce… It is very different.

The problem is that there is no retirement, no pension, and probably not much if any social security by the time we’re old enough for it.

So why aren’t we addressing those issues now? Why are we too busy to create something for the future? Why are we spending so much of our “LIFE” on things that will not really provide for us in the long term?

Too many of us are just HOPING that something will come along or just assume that we will be ok…

This is the fallacy of our generation…

WE MUST set aside some of our focus on a weekly basis to create something long term that will provide residual income for our retirement… PERIOD.

Some of us may inherit wealth from our parents… but…

If we are unwilling to focus on the future a task then we are doomed to poverty and government assistance in our retirement.

Long gone are the days of Pension + Retirement+ Social security+ government funded health care to provide in our “golden years”

Companies are no longer committed to their employees like they were in my fathers’s generation… Providing for a nice pension as well as full health care for his retirement.

So we know this problem is coming… We know that we have mostly nothing set up for the future… and yet… We still blindly, and ignorantly continue on in the same path

Less than 5% of ALL people will retire wealthy. 65% will be dead, or dead broke.

But ignoring the future… Does not change it..

Another issue that we need to address is taxation. But again… That is another issue that you really have to “WANT” to know something about. Most people are taxed at about 50% of their income that goes straight to the government… Incredible opportunities exist to put the money “TO WORK” for you, instead of giving it to the government to waste… But… Again… you must take some of your “FOCUS”… and invest it in the things that will pay you residual income, and provide for you when your “JOB” is long gone…

Actively changing your focus and investing in a “side” business, or purchasing property, or doing something THAT IS NOT LINEAR INCOME…in addition to your “day job” is the only alternative that we have seen to fight back against the impending poverty, over taxation, and devaluation of the dollar. that is headed our way.

If you are interested in changing your long term future by investing in real estate, or you are interested in a home based business… and to see what we are up to… Please get in contact with us

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