3 things we can do together to grow your real estate investment business.

I’m involved with a lot of real estate investment groups online. Mostly on facebook, but also on Meetup.com

I see people struggle all the time with just getting those first couple of deals under their belt.

After doing this for 30 + years our team and I have developed some out of the box strategies that we can work on TOGETHER that will have an immediate impact on your business.

We’d like to share those strategies with you now… Please note that there may be some costs associated with you setting this up.

#1. Grow your own Team/Group

Becoming the leader of your own group is paramount. You are the leader in YOUR business. You need to show the world that you are ready for leadership… A great way to go this is by starting your own club. I would recommend a club like a local real estate investment club, or a enterprenuers club, or some other such club. An organization where you can attract “like minded” people that also want to learn about creating wealth in real estate and real estate investing.

There is a great service online called MEETUP.com. You can schedule meetings either online or in person at a local coffee shop.. the point is you want to use this group to grow your “following” to help you become a leader.

We can help you by making sure that your club gets to page one on Google, and help you with content, and membership… By you growing your local group, that helps us grow nationally as well.

#2. Reach out to Real Estate Professionals

I love working with real estate professionals. Typically most people involved in real estate as investors or agents or loan officers, have an entrepreneurial mindset. They are usually open to learning about ways to increase their reach, grow their business, and learn how to turn the corner from chasing deals to creating wealth in real estate and real estate investing.

We can help by sharing with you some software that will reach out to these people and help you to engage them into your group/business.

As a side note… For those that are wholesalers or investors, ACTIVE real estate Agents tend to be very good “bird dogs” and partners. By setting them up correctly and partnering with them, they can bring you deals and people… Both for your business… and for your club.

We can show you how to set this up automatically and have it running in the background.


#3. Monetize the process

Even in this industry, too many people are dependent on one stream of income… The next deal that they close… Our idea is to create multiple streams of income.  Create several streams of income to run simultaneously to what you are already doing. When you learn how to monetize your own lead generation process, and make money “on the way” to your next deal… That is how you create wealth in real estate and real estate investing.


Chasing your first deal, or your next deal will not create wealth in your life… Creating multiple streams of income around your investing business, creating the connections, and helping other people will help you find more deals, impact more people and leave a lasting legacy for you and your family.


If you would like to learn more about specifically how we do that… Please reach out to us for a one on one consultation… or feel free to read some of these other blog posts listed here… All of this information is free and waiting for you to take action on it and start to grow!!