Automated Lead Generation For Real Estate Investors

People ask us all the time about Lead Generation For Real Estate Investors all the time.

We do have some out of the box solutions to help people get as many real estate investors as they want. But it requires a slightly different mindset.

There are a couple of different “schools of thought” on how exactly to go about getting leads for your real estate investing business.


For the most part this is the “holy grail” of real estate lead generation for real estate investors. Traditional Real Estate Agents are looking for these types of leads as well.

Regardless of the reason that they want to sell, the motivated seller is the best type of lead for investors and for agents.


Too Much Competition

As a result of “everyone” looking for these types of motivated sellers.. There is a “ton” of competition.  We do offer tools and strategies to help our team “find” these

types of sellers….  The basic idea is this..


Raw lead (either a list that you buy, or your driving for $$)

Text, email, voicecmail, phone calls… (automated)

This generates an “INBOUND” phone call or text where the client is reaching back out to you.  By automating the “outreach” you save a ton of time, and when you’re phone rings,

you know that it is someone reaching back out to you from your campaigns.

We have the technology, the strategies, and the lead sources to do that.


But is that what you really want?

There seems to be a learning curve or process that people go through when they decide they want to get involved in Real Estate and/or Real Estate Investing.

There is a learning curve… Here is the cycle. We have this detailed in other articles here on this website..  If you ‘d like to learn more.

If you really are honest with yourself… You’ll probably find out that chasing deals isn’t what you really want… What you really want, most likely, is  something along the lines of creating a RESIDUAL stream(s) of income.. Income that comes in beyond and above your own personal ability to produce it… Consistently producing deals is awesome and can lead to a very profitable life… But is that enough? Is that the end game for you?

For us it was not. We wanted to create wealth through multiple streams of income, automation and team building our nationwide network. Chasing deals was great and we learned alot. But we didn’t get into the real estate game to buy and sell. We got in the game to create wealth.

As such… We had to do things differently than what most people do…. We had to set aside time, effort, energy and money in creating multiple streams of income, and a nationwide network of referral sources…..


This process  below is true for basically any new business or endeavour that people will go through… But for this article.. We are talking specifically about novice  Real Estate Investors, and Real Estate Agents


People need to learn about the foundational information for the business that they are learning about.. For example… A beginning investor may want to learn about wholesaling.

All the basic information about wholesaling, what it is how it works, how to find prospects, etc. etc. A beginning Real Estate Agent may need to learn about contracts, and the “lingo” and the mls… etc..

The next state is…

The first deal…

This is usually a very exciting time for most people.  It is an emotional roller coaster.. Get that first deal done and get a big paycheck!!

But far too often… people will be stuck in the “education” phase and may never get out of it! They will study too long,  analyze and gather information for way too long… Some to the point of not even being able to get their first deal done.


When people are really committed and want to really grow a business. This would be the next phase for them. They would put in the time, effort energy, and money to figure out a way to produce consistent deals . We call this the “Hamster wheel of Personal Production”… this is where it starts to become more like a “job” again… Although there is good money to made… It is a”job” and if you stop working, you stop earning…. Most people that have thriving businesses are in this phase of their career. Many will not make it this far, as they would still be stuck in the education or first deal phases..

Automation, Systems, Organizations

For the people that do make to the higher levels of success. They will start to realize that they need automation, systems, and organizations. Usually this is where we “start” our clients.

This is where the investor/agent start to implement things that will automate their lead generation and start to build systems.  They may higher an assistant, use automation, and start to build a “team” around them, so they are not doing every aspect of the business themselves.


The Final Stage: Building and Monetize your  own Referral Network

Unfortunately most Real Estate investors will never reach this stage, but to be honest… This is the most important stage to create wealth in real estate and real estate investing. To get back to the main point of our article… Real Estate Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors (and agents)… This is how true referral lead generation happens.  By building a huge network of fellow agents, investors, mentors, funders, etc… you start to “see” deals from other people. For example… lets say that you are a real estate investor… And there is an local real estate agent that has a deal that needs a log of work, and the seller can list the property ‘traditionally” on the MLS… This is a great referral for you as a beginning investor… And when deals come to you on REFERRAL rather than from “COLD” marketing… it is a much better lead.

Now imagine if you had a nationwide network of mentors, funders, buyers, wholesalers, educators… And you had all the automation tools…. List builders, list resources, Automated CRMs that text, email, voicemail your prospects… And you had multiple funnels going simultanouesly… and all the referrals and connections from the nationwide network… How would that impact your business?

That is what separates the wealthy from the consistent producers… The ability to grow and monetize a nationwide team that will send them referrals, and help them along their way to creating wealth in real estate and real estate investing.

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