Question: Which country shares the longest boundary with India?

Which country shares the longest border with India?

The India Myanmar border is 1,643 km long. Note: Bangladesh has the longest border with India for the reason that it is surrounded by India on three sides, i.e. in north, east and west.

Which country shares the longest boundary?

The international land border between the United States and Canada is the longest in the world at almost 8,900 kilometers.

Which country shares the second longest boundary with India?

Land borders of India

Land Border Country Length (m) and (mi) Comments
Bhutan 578 kilometres (359 mi) Open border
China 3,488 kilometres (2,167 mi) Also see McMahon Line.
Myanmar 1,643 kilometres (1,021 mi) Also see India-Myanmar barrier
Nepal 1,752 kilometres (1,089 mi) Open border.

Which country shares the longest boundary with India Brainly?

Ans, BANGLADESH shares longest land boundary with INDIA OF 4096.7 km.

Which country shares the smallest border with India?

Afghanistan have the shortest boundary with India.

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Does India share border with Tajikistan?

Tajikistan is the only country who does not share a border with india. It shares its border with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and uzbekistan.

Which two countries share the longest?

21 Longest Land Borders

Rank Country A Border Length (km)
1 Canada 8,893
2 Kazakhstan 7,644
3 Argentina 6,691
4 China 4,630

Does India share border with Russia?

Physical Background of India

India has the third-largest international border in the world after China and Russia, and also the most sensitive border of the World with respect to extreme climatic conditions and other physical features. Bangladesh to the east.

Which state of India shares the longest border with China?

The correct answer is option 1) i.e. Arunachal Pradhesh. This state is the most northeastern one of India. China and Arunachal Pradesh share a border, which is called McMahon Line.

Which Indian state shares the longest boundary with Bangladesh?

The longest border is shared by Bangladesh which is 4096.70 Km (2,545-mile). Also, it is the fifth-longest land border in the World. Indian states that share borders with Bangladesh are: Assam, West Bengal, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Tripura.

Shikha Goyal.

State Total Length (in Km)
Mizoram 318.00
TOTAL 4096.70

Which place of India meets the boundary of 5 countries?

Indira Col in the Himalayas is the point where the boundaries of five countries meet. The countries are : India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and Tajikistan.

Which country share the longest border with Saudi Arabia?

Iraq is a federal parliamentary state with nineteen provinces and an autonomous area known as the Iraqi Kurdistan. The Iraqi-Saudi Arabian border is about 505.8 miles long and stretches from Hafar Al-Batin to Turaif.

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