Quick Answer: How do I share a Windows folder with Ubuntu?

Browse to the folder you want to share. Right-click on it to open the contextual menu and click on Sharing Options. The Folder Sharing window will open. Check the box next to ‘Share this folder’.

Can you share files between Windows and Ubuntu?

With the help of a quick and easy configuration on your system, you can easily share your files and folders between the Windows 10 PC and Ubuntu. From the start menu, open the “System Settings” (Alternatively, you can open the System Settings by pressing the “Windows + I” key).

How do I share a folder between Windows to Ubuntu step by step?

Right-click the folder you want to share over the network, and then click “Properties.” On the “Sharing” tab of the properties window, click the “Advanced Sharing” button. In the “Advanced Sharing” window that opens, enable the “Share this folder” option, and then click the “Permissions” button.

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How do I share a Windows folder with Ubuntu VM?

How to share folders between Windows and Ubuntu using VMware Player

  1. Create a folder in your Windows file system that you want to use as the share. …
  2. Power down the VM shutting down Ubuntu.
  3. Select your VM in VMware Player and click Edit virtual machine settings.
  4. In the Options tab click Shared Folders in the left hand pane.

How do I access Windows files from Ubuntu?

To access windows files/folder in ubuntu follow these steps : Press windows key on your keyboard.

  1. Open nautilus file manager.
  2. Click other locations at bottom-left side.
  3. Now click the partition which you want to access.
  4. Enter password if asked.
  5. then hurray.

How do I share a Windows folder with Linux?

How to Share Files between Windows and Linux

  1. Right-click the folder you would like to share and click Properties.
  2. Open the sharing tab and click Advanced Sharing.
  3. Check the ‘share this folder’ box and click on Permissions.

How do I share files from Windows 10 to Ubuntu?

Share files between win 10 and ubuntu 20.04

  1. 1.In ubuntu , open your file browser(Nautilus),right-click the folder you wanto share then select Local Network Share.
  2. If you don’t have samba installed , click Install service and follow the instruction to get samba installed.
  3. Create Share , here we enable guest access.

How do I mount a windows share drive in Ubuntu?

To mount a Windows share on Ubuntu Linux, first you need to install the CIFS utilities package.

The commands above detailed below:

  1. mount -t cifs = file system type (protocol)
  2. username = username of Windows account.
  3. //WindowsPC_IP/ShareName = the Windows PC share name.
  4. /mnt/Windows_Share = the mount point on Ubuntu.
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Where is the shared folder in VirtualBox Ubuntu?

Add Shared folder

  1. In VirtualBox Manager select your Virtual Machine (VM)
  2. Settings >> Shared Folders >> Add new shared folder.
  3. Folder path: path to the folder to be shared with your VM.
  4. Folder name: name of the shared folder to be displayed in your VM.

How do I share files from Ubuntu to Ubuntu?

Steps to Share a Folder in Ubuntu

Step 1: Open file manager and right-click on the folder which you want to share. Click on the option “Local Network Share” in the context menu. Step 2: Click on the Share this folder checkbox in the Folder Sharing dialog. This would install Samba packages in your system.

How do I share a folder between Windows host and Ubuntu VirtualBox?

Share folders between host and guest

  1. From the top menu bar of VirtualBox, go to Shared Folders > Shared Folders Settings.
  2. You will see the following settings window in your guest system. …
  3. In the Add Share dialog box, select the shared folder using the Folder Path drop-down, and choose a folder from your host OS.

How do I share a folder between my VirtualBox and my host machine in Ubuntu?


  1. Open VirtualBox.
  2. Right-click your VM, then click Settings.
  3. Go to Shared Folders section.
  4. Add a new shared folder.
  5. On Add Share prompt, select the Folder Path in your host that you want to be accessible inside your VM.
  6. In the Folder Name field, type shared.
  7. Uncheck Read-only and Auto-mount, and check Make Permanent.

How do I access a shared folder in Ubuntu terminal?

3 Answers

  1. You need the ip of the NAS, e.g, then you type in a terminal: smbclient -L= …
  2. Now you type in smbclient // …
  3. Now you are in the client and can browse the shared volume without mounting it to your file system.
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How do I share files between Windows and Linux?

How to share files between a Linux and Windows computer

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Go to Network and Sharing Options.
  3. Go to Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
  4. Select Turn on Network Discovery and Turn on File and Print Sharing.

Can’t access Windows files from Ubuntu?

1.2 First you need to find out the partition’s name which you want to access, run the following command:

  1. sudo fdisk -l. 1.3 Then run this command in your terminal, to access your drive in read/write mode.
  2. mount -t ntfs-3g -o rw /dev/sda1 /media/<YOUR-Partition-name> OR. …
  3. sudo ntfsfix /dev/<YOUR-Partition-name>