What is share of shelf?

Definition. Share of shelf is a metric that compares the facings of a given brand to the total facings positions available.[1]

How is share of shelf calculated?

The Three Best Methods to Measure Share of Shelf

  1. Method 1 – Calculate The Facings. One of the most precise approaches is to measure the total SKUs on the shelf—yours and your competitors’—and divide by the number of yours. …
  2. Method 2 – Eyeballing The SKUs. …
  3. Method 3 – Measure The Shelf.

Why is share of shelf important?

Understanding fair share of shelf helps brand owners, distributors and retailers both before and after range reviews and resets, ensuring that shoppers always see the right products in the right quantity.

What is fair share of shelf?

What is Fair Share Index (FSI)? The Fair Share Index (FSI) compares the Retailer’s share of a Tactic (either shelf, promotion, display or items) with their Category $ Share at a Brand or Segment level.

How do you buy share of shelves?

If you are looking for the most precise method to measure share of shelf, this one is perfect for you. It consists of calculating the total SKUs on your shelves and your competitors’. Then, divide them by the number of your SKUs.

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What is shelf placement?

Being in the right place at the right time is important for products. The science behind shelf placement. The location of a product in a shop can make a crucial difference to its sales. … They train their salesmen to ensure that their product is on display with maximum visibility to the shopper.

How can I increase my share of shelves?

How Can You Win Better Shelf Space?

  1. Know Your Retailer. Every retailer is different. …
  2. Share Your Expertise and Support. …
  3. Have Retail-Ready Packaging. …
  4. Propose Creative In-Store Marketing. …
  5. Maximize Out-of-Store Marketing. …
  6. Collect Convincing Data. …
  7. Optimize Logistics.

How is store share calculated?

Simply find your business’s total sales revenue for your preferred time period and divide that number by your industry’s total revenue during the same period. Once you have this result, multiply the number by 100 to generate your market share percentage.

What is shelf data?

Digital shelf analytics (DSA) is a forward-thinking software solution alternative to the manual compilation of retail data for brands, manufacturers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Individuals can view real-time data using sophisticated software as their source. … The digital shelf is much vaster in scale.

What is forward share in retail?

Forward stock: Merchandise that is kept on the selling floor. Gross leasable area (GLA): Total floor space available for retail sales. … Reserve stock: Merchandise that is not kept on the selling floor.

How does market share affect share of shelf?

Why Franck Tracks Shelf Share vs. … Most brands will calculate shelf share in one of two ways: Facings and Linear Shelf Space. The former counts the number of your product’s facings compared to the total number of facings of all other products in that category.

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Why is shelf space such an important measure?

It is crucial for a product to be given enough shelf space to attract the buyer’s attention. Supermarket tests have concluded that products can have too many as well as too few facings, with both situations resulting in wrong use of space. …

What is ACV Nielsen?

ACV stands for All Commodity Volume. It is total retail dollar sales for an *entire* store across all products and categories. … If you purchase a Nielsen/IRI database, you can calculate total retailer ACV across all products (even if you are buying data only for one specific product category).

What is speed to shelf?

New products are the most dynamic force for increasing sales, and “Speed to Shelf’” is the process by which new products are rushed to stores ahead of the competition. Studies have shown that new items generate 30% more sales when they are first on the shelf as compared to stores that lag behind.

What is on shelf availability?

WHAT IS ON-SHELF AVAILABILITY? On-Shelf Availability is the measure of a product being available for sale to a shopper, in the place he expects it and at the time he wants to buy it.

What is forward share?

Forward trading, also called front running, occurs when stockbrokers personally purchase shares of a particular stock while knowing that their firm plans to purchase numerous shares of the same stock. Forward trading is considered unethical and is often illegal.