You asked: What is Reliance partly paid share price?

What happens to Reliance partly paid share?

Post the delisting of the partly paid shares, eligible shareholders will get ordinary shares credited to their accounts. After conversion to ordinary shares, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) may witness an inflow worth $395 million from passive buying, said Abhilash Pagaria of Edelweiss Alternative Research.

When should I pay Reliance partly paid shares?

The existing shareholders of the company were offered new shares of the company in a 1:15 ratio. November 10, 2021, was the record date to decide holders of the Reliance Partly Paid-up shares, who need to pay the Second and Final Call.

What is the rate of Reliance PP?


OPEN 1851.20
DAY LOW 1800.90
VOLUME 43707
52-WEEK HIGH 2110.00

How can I pay Reliance partly paid shares?

Payment may be made through net banking or UPI or NEFT or RTGS modes. The Company and the RTA shall not be responsible if the application is not successfully submitted or if it is rejected during the process while using the R-WAP facility.

What is Reliance PP e1?

Reliance PP = Reliance Partially Paid, meaning these shares have not been paid for in full yet. Paid Up capital = To the money paid vs. money due to the rights issue share. In this case, paid-up is 314.25 and the rest 950 is to be paid. This is the rights issue Reliance did to raise funds.

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What is r WAP facility?

About R-Wap

It is an online platform where application for rights issue of TEXMACO RAIL & ENGINEERING LIMITED can be made through Non-ASBA mode and payment can be made online using net banking or UPI from Applicant’s own bank account.

What is First Call money in shares?

Introduction. Call money is also referred to as the money at call. It is a short-term loan which is due to be paid immediately in full as and when demanded by the lender. Not similar to a term loan, call money loan does not have a defined schedule of payment and maturity.

What is RIL rights issue?

Reliance had made a Rights Issue of 42.26 crore equity shares at Rs 1,257 each. The final call of 50 per cent of the amount – Rs 628.50 per share – has now become due. Reuters Reliance’s rights issue at a total size of Rs 53,125 crore was the largest ever rights issue in India.

How can I pay Reliance pp second installment?

Reliance in the notice said the Second and Final Call can be paid through online ASBA, Physical ASBA, 3-in-1 account, R-WAP facility (enabled for Net-banking, UPI, NEFT and RTGS payments) and payments through cheque/demand draft.