What happens if my call option expires in the money?

If your call options expire in the money, you end up paying a higher price to purchase the stock than what you would have paid if you had bought the stock outright. You are also out the commission you paid to buy the option and the option’s premium cost.

What happens when call options go in the money?

A call option is in the money (ITM) when the underlying security’s current market price is higher than the call option’s strike price. … Once a call option goes into the money, it is possible to exercise the option to buy a security for less than the current market price.

What happens if I don’t sell my call option on expiry?

If you don’t sell your options before expiration, there will be an automatic exercise if the option is IN THE MONEY. If the option is OUT OF THE MONEY, the option will be worthless, so you wouldn’t exercise them in any event.

Are ITM options always exercised?

All ITM options will be exercised/assigned at expiration. If that is not the desired outcome, close the position or contact your brokerage firm to discuss the best course of action.

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What happens when a short call expires?

If the amount of money profited by selling the shares is greater than the price paid for the call option, the call option buyer makes money. A short call that expires in-the-money will result in assignment, and ultimately a short stock position.

What if I don’t have the money to exercise a call option?

If you don’t have the money needed to exercise the option, you just don’t exercise it. You’ll just have to decide whether to sell the contract(s) to another Options trader – hopefully for a higher premium than you paid for it yourself – or just allow the contract(s) to expire worthless.

What happens when a call option hits the strike price before expiration?

When the strike price is reached, your contract is essentially worthless on the expiration date (since you can purchase the shares on the open market for that price). Prior to expiration, the long call will generally have value as the share price rises towards the strike price.

When can you execute a call option?

People often choose to exercise a call option when the underlying stock price is above the strike or exercise price on the option. The decision to exercise lets you buy shares at the lower strike price, resulting in an automatic profit on the shares – at least on paper.

What happens when a short call expires out of the money?

When a Call Option expires out of the money: A call option is said to be Out of The Money (OTM) if the strike price is higher than the current market price of the underlying instrument. In such a case, the buyer loses the premium paid to buy the contract and the seller earns the profit.

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