Real Estate Investment Club near me.

Immediately, I’m going to encourage you to think much bigger than even what this article and training teaches you to do.

Of course you want to be a part of a networking group. Picking the RIGHT group is important. The most important thing that you want to do

is  be around ACTIVE, ENGAGED, investors that are actually doing deals, partnering with each other, and ultimately creating wealth in real estate

I’ve spent too much time in groups where people were just not actively engage, and were just sort of there to “hangout”… You definitely want to

avoid that. Nothing can be more of a time suck that being around a bunch of people that will never do a deal.

Why join a group in the first place?

There are several reasons that you would want to join a real estate investment club… Education, Partnerships and access to deals come to mind immediately.

Picking the RIGHT group is important. The most important thing that you want to do is  be around ACTIVE, ENGAGED, investors that are actually doing deals,

partnering with each other, learning teaching growing, with the end goal to ultimately creating wealth in real estate.

Different Types of groups

#1. Selling something

These groups are traditionally groups that are ultimately trying to sell something. Usually a big company like Renatus, or Rich Dad Poor dad, oir some

similar “guru” type gets in front of group, gives a couple of basic tips and tricks, and then asks you to join their program for $10-20K + or more, for the “rest”

of the training. These are great and sometimes the education can actually be worth it, if you don’t want to take the time to research it out using Google, Youtube,

and Bigger  But too often people do pay to join these groups and end up doing nothing… And waste all the money

they invested, and didn’t buy any real estate

#2. Hang out and have coffee group

I’ve attended literally hundreds (if not thousands) of these types of groups over the years. Groups like “le tip” or “lead share” groups would fall under this

category.  My opinion of these types of groups are  “where broke salespeople go to try to sell their stuff to other broke sales people”.  Many Real Estate

investment groups unfortunately fall into this group. They’ll  be filled with hard money lenders, realtors, and mortgage brokers, each trying to sell their

services to the other, with no real investors in the room at all. The investors or potential investors that come, get turned off by being approached

as if they were on a used car lot. These groups are fine if you just want to hang out and not really learn anything, or be around any real estate investors

#3. Make money for the organizers

These types of groups exist for one reason… To make money for the organizers. Typically these types of groups will charge a hefty entrance fee.

$20-50 bucks or more to attend one meeting. You are more likely to get some good education and usually the speakers are varied and well versed.

Because the bar is higher to get in, the cost does keep  “riff-raff” out but  you’ll still get quite a few of the “broke sales people trying to sell their

stuff to other broke people” mentality that we had in group #2 above.. The only difference is that they  (and you) paid money to get in the room.

#4. The right type of group

So what is the “right type” of  Person? Who do we really want to attract to our groups ? Who do we want to partner with?

We want to have “prequalified” people that are most likely  be long term partners with our in our wealth creation journey.

So how do we find these people? How can we “know in advance” that they will be the type of people that we want to work with?

The answer to the question is True intention.



The good news is that we here at the “REPRO HACKERS” Network have figured out how to do just that.

Making sure that the people that  join us have that true intention. There is a series of events that have to take place PRIOR to

anyone actually joining the team that predetermines that they will be successful in the group.

Is it 100% accurate 100% of the time…. Of course not.

But if you are in the process of building your network, or joining one that has true value… then you want to be sure to be with people

that have the same intention that you do… To build true wealth, residual income in Real Estate and in business.

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Article How to build your own local real estate investment club