Does shared albums take up storage?

No, albums shared with you do not use your storage, but the storage of the owner. When you want to clear storage used by Google Photos you have two options: Delete stuff.

Does shared albums take up iPhone storage?

Shared albums do not take up space on your iPhone. If you have iCloud Photos enabled, you have the option to optimize the storage on your iPhone to free up space on the device.

Do shared albums take up space on your phone?

The photos and videos in your Shared Albums are kept in iCloud, but they don’t count against your iCloud storage limit.

Does a shared photo album use data?

Shared Albums require at least iOS 7 or higher. Cellular data is blocked for Photos. Allow Photos to use cellular data by going to Settings > Cellular and turning on Photos.

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Does deleting a shared album delete the photos?

Remove a photo or video

Subscribers to a shared album can delete only the photos and videos they add. When you delete a photo or video from a shared album you own, it’s removed from the shared album on all your devices and all subscribers’ devices.

Is Apple shared albums safe?

While the URL of your shared album is unique and not broadcast, there is no access nor content protection on photo album pages, so you should assume that your content on public pages is indexed, searched, and stored by 3rd parties – search engines and others.

What happens if I delete a shared album?

When you delete a shared album you own, it’s removed from all your devices and the devices of all its subscribers. When you unsubscribe from an album, it’s removed from all your devices.

Do shared albums count towards your iCloud storage?

Photos uploaded to My Photo Stream or Shared Albums don’t count against your iCloud storage. iCloud stores the photos that you upload to My Photo Stream for 30 days to give your devices plenty of time to connect to iCloud and download them.

Does shared album reduce quality?

When shared, photos are reduced to 2048 pixels on the long edge, except panoramic photos, which can be up to 5400 pixels wide. You can share GIFs that are 100MB or smaller. Videos can be up to fifteen minutes in length and are delivered at up to 720p resolution.

Do shared albums take up space on my Mac?

So shared albums do use space on the devices of the subscribers. You should be considerate and not let the albums get too large. Remove older photos, after the subscribers had enough time to download the photos they want to keep. You can send the link to this site to anyone you want to see the shared albums.

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Where are Apple shared photos stored?

Note: Although shared albums are stored in iCloud, they don’t count toward your iCloud storage.

Why do photos take up space when I have iCloud?

Your photos and videos are stored on your device in their original, high-resolution version. This means that they use a lot of space on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With iCloud Photos, you can make more space available on your device and have your entire collection, everywhere you go. … Turn on iCloud Photos.

Can I delete photos from camera roll but keep in shared album?

Removing photos from your Camera Roll will not remove them from Shared Albums. It will, however, remove them from iCloud Photo Library, both in iCloud itself and all of your devices.

How do I delete photos from camera roll without deleting from album on Iphone?

You can add a photo to as many albums as you want, but not not remove it from the predefined albums. To remove a photo from Recents you have to delete it from the library and then it will vanish from all your albums as well.

How do I delete photos from my iPhone without deleting from an album?

Here’s how to remove photos from an album without deleting them from the Recents album: Open the album containing the photos you want to remove. Tap Select at the top right. Select all of the photos you want to remove.