Why has SSE share price dropped?

Is SSE a good buy?

PE vs Industry: SSE is good value based on its PE Ratio (6.5x) compared to the European Electric Utilities industry average (13.9x). PE vs Market: SSE is good value based on its PE Ratio (6.5x) compared to the UK market (19.5x).

What is happening to SSE?

SSE Energy Services is now part of the OVO family. If you’re with SSE for your household energy, broadband, or boiler and heating cover, we’ve got your questions covered.

Is SSE a buy or sell?

SSE has received a consensus rating of Hold. The company’s average rating score is 2.38, and is based on 3 buy ratings, 5 hold ratings, and no sell ratings.

How do I sell my SSE Plc shares?

To sell (and either receive or donate your sale proceeds), simply complete the low-cost dealing form (which can be downloaded at www.linksharedeal.com/sse, and send it back to Link with your share certificate(s).

Who owns SSE shares?

Looking at our data, we can see that the largest shareholder is BlackRock, Inc. with 7.4% of shares outstanding. With 4.4% and 4.0% of the shares outstanding respectively, Mondrian Investment Partners Limited and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec are the second and third largest shareholders.

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Who owns SSE PLC?

SSE is part of the OVO family

OVO Energy is the UK’s leading independent energy supplier, with a mission to bring clean, affordable energy to all. Together we supply energy to almost 5 million households across the UK, as well as offering other home services including heating and boiler cover and phone and broadband.

Is SSE shut down?

SSE to stop serving households from next year: Energy giant to sell off home business after haemorrhaging customers. Energy giant SSE has vowed to sever ties with its under-pressure energy supply business by mid-2020 after shedding 570,000 customer accounts over the last twelve months.

Why did SSE sell to OVO?

The deal makes OVO, which already serves around 1.5 million customers, one of the biggest suppliers in Britain. In a statement, OVO said a combination of SSE’s scale and its technology capabilities will enable “millions more customers to decarbonise their homes, while keeping costs down”.

Is SSE Safe?

Your energy supply with SSE Energy Services is safe and secure. Nothing has changed and you don’t need to do a thing.

When did SSE change to OVO?

All you need to know. SSE Energy Services (the part of the SSE Group that supplied your energy) became part of the OVO family in January 2020.

What happened to Scottish Hydro Electric shares?

The Scottish Hydro brand continued in use for a time after the 1998 merger but SSE later used its own brand throughout the UK. Since the purchase of SSE’s retail business by OVO Energy in 2020, the Scottish Hydro brand is a trading name of OVO Electricity Limited.

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Who are BT share registrars?

As BT’s Registrar, Equiniti manages your shareholding and can help you with many things, from changing an address to buying and selling shares.