Hobby Vs Business… Where are you?


Is real Estate Investing a Hobby or a business?

I get inquiries everyday from people that are interested in my business. We are involved in a lot of different things so I see the gamut of interest from all sorts of people from around the world.


I’ve learned a couple of very tough lessons over the last 30 years of selling stuff both in person and online.


I wanted to condense some of those learnings down for you so that you can not have to go through the tough trials and tribulations that I have.


 You need to build a network


Many are confused by exactly what this means. Building a network is your Tribe, your people, not just the people that you sell stuff to but people that have the same dreams and goals and aspirations as you… People that you share your vision with.   


We have a saying in Real Estate Investing.. The bigger your network… The bigger your NET WORTH


Are you just trying to recruit people into your business, or are you building a tribe?


Multiple Streams of Income? 


This is a touchy subject for many… They don’t want to be involved in more than  “1 thing”… but personally I think that is a mistake… especially when there are so many fantastic products and services that your tribe will need to make the better partners for you… 


Let me give you an example of this.


In our business… We’re involved in Real Estate and Real Estate Investing… Our streams of income of course include traditional real estate investing income… However, most people can’t just start out as investors with their own cash… Maybe they need to work on their credit, or increase their income, or learn how to market online… These are all things that we market and sell to our tribe… When they participate in these things, it actually makes the better partners for our long term plan, which is to create wealth in real estate and real estate investing.


After all if we work with someone, help them get the tools and training and support that they need… Who else would they go to when the do need some help putting a deal together?


Of course they are going to work with us… They are part of our tribe,… They know, like and trust us and have purchased/participated with us in other things… We are on a path together..


On this note, I’d also like to mention something called a FUNDED PROPOSAL. This is a concept that has helped people fund their businesses, by offering a ancillary product or service to their customer/prospect BEFORE They “buy” the main thing… This provides an additional stream of income, and helps pay for any marketing costs.


Look up online FUNDED PROPOSAL or look in our blog to read more about that topic.


But how can you increase your sales/recruiting simultaneously to making those prospects MORE QUALIFIED to work with you?




I hate cold calling. I always have… I have gone to great lengths to avoid cold calling if I can. As a matter of fact today… With the lack of engagement, people becoming more and more unresponsive, it’s imperative that you have some sort of automation in your business


Set things up so that when someone is ready, willing and able is when you personally contact them. Don’t cold call or chase, or spend time with unmotivated, unresponsive people. The technology exists today to eliminate that, and fill your calendar with qualified motivated super responsive people that want to join your business! 

That way you can spend your time with people that are motivated that you can actually help

If you’re ready to move from HOBBY to BUSINESS these are the things that you will have to start to implement into your business.

To Learn more about how to create wealth in real estate, real estate investing and online business… Check out our short video HERE