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Written by "Cowboy" Keith 05/23/2019

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Here is a great video from our strategic partners Mark Helton.

How to get realtors to SEND YOU THEIR BUSINESS..without begging, donuts, or lunch meetings! 

Usually loan officers spend way too much time chasing real estate agents begging for business and asking for referrals. Well now we have a way to turn the tables on the agents, and get them to reach out to us and send us their deals.

This does require a little work and commitment on the loan officers part, but if you're willing this is a great strategy that could really make a big difference in your business.

If you would like to learn more at the end of the video, click the link below and make a one on one to speak to one of our team

About Author: "Cowboy" Keith Jenkins

"Cowboy" Keith is a long time real estate investor, entrepreneur, business coach, and real estate agent. He has seen many ups and downs in the market. Keith's focus is on helping others create the trifecta of wealth creation in real estate and real estate investing... Personal Production Income, Business Income, and Real Estate Investing Income... Do you have all three? If not you need to get in touch with us! 
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