First off let me say that for anyone that has been affected by this virus or the economic impact… Our hearts and prayers go out to you.

Although (we hope) the worst is behind us now..  There are millions of lives that have been, or will be affected.

There are many things that have changed, and maybe something even permanently.

What I though was going to be a short ‘stay at home’ order is turning into something that could last months.


How long this will last? Will social distancing be an indefinite thing?  What is going to be the new Normal?

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

There are several trends in the world that were happening prior to the corona virus, that have become even more amplified during this strange time

Those trends are.

#1. Working from Home

Over the last 2 decades, people have started to work from home.. Either as a traditional “job” or becoming self employed.

Today with the current situation, almost EVERYONE that can work from home is working from home… And those that aren’t

working from home, probably wish they had a 2nd source of income from home right now.


#2. Shopping From Home

Over the last several years  companies like AMAZON.com and others have really been pushing the idea of

shopping from home.. With the advent of their “AMAZON PRIME”… where they cover the cost of shipping..

They are really taking off and doing amazing things… My hat is off to Amazon!! Good marketing…

But many other retail establishments and restaurants are starting to deliver as well. Now of course

since the virus… this has been dramatically amplified. Since people have been ordered to stay at home

of course they are going to be ordering more from home. Some of the businesses that we are involved with

are seeing MASSIVE GROWTH RIGHT NOW… That is what we are a part of!


#3 Automation

The internet has changed everything especially with getting information, marketing and sales.

Today’s cutting edge technology available  to the masses is astounding!

In our group we are using things like  Direct marketing, Social Posting, Texts, voicemail drops,

push marketing, Big Data, and Artificial intelligence, to market our products and services. Sometimes

we sell a bunch of stuff without even talking to anyone… Think about it.. Does Amazon “talk” to anyone to make a sale?

No you just go to the website and order what you want, and then it shows up a couple days later… It’s brilliant.

The cool thing about automation… Is that it can take a non sales person, and turn them into a top producer.

All the while never even speaking to a potential prospect.

When you combine being able to work from home… With shopping from home.. and using automation to do and profit from it..

You’ve changed the game… Permanently


These Thing Were Already Happening But now

They have become INCREDIBLY AMPLIFIED… And that’s Exactly what we do… Help people

take advantage of these things that are happening right now… And turn them into a long term sustainable business

in real estate, real estate investing, and wealth creation.

This is EXACTLY what we do !

If you’d like to learn more about how you can participate and profit from the trends that are happening RIGHT NOW..CLICK HERE