It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do… the Coronavirus has affected you.

Literally millions of people have had their life shaken up by the Coronavirus outbreak. We know that business has changed… The way some businesses operate will change forever, and unfortunately, some business won’t make.

As of the writing of this article there are about 22 million people in the US that have filed for Unemployment insurance. These are unprecedented times. Some of us have lived through other economic collapses like the housing crisis in 2008.  The key to “weathering” the storm… Is that we have to be careful of our mindset, and reposition our business, and our lives to take care of what is happening.


The Good news is that you have an incredible opportunity

Things will change… The question is will you change with them? Will you continue to do what you have always done, or will you adapt, make some changes and make a difference?

The days of “cold calling” and “door knocking” for real Estate Professionals and Investors may be over, forever. Our industry has to rethink how we are finding our customers,

how we are interacting with them and how we will best serve our customers.


It’s time to offer more… It’s time to BECOME more.


Now more than ever people are going to be loooking to their trusted advisors (that’s you)  for advise and recommendations… What are you advising? Are you telling them to sell to benefit yourself?

Are you telling them to buy to benefit yourself? What is in their best interest? What are they looking to do. Are you and your customer both being too short sighted?

What is the real goal, or the lifelong goal, or the true behind the scenes plan. Have you even asked if your customer has a plan? Or are you both just trying to get through the next transaction?



Most People never make it to the “bottom line” activities that actually start to create wealth

They’ll continue their whole career in “above the line” activities… You’ll hear it in their speech. You’ll here things like ” I can’t afford it” ” I don’t have time” I’m too busy” I don’t know how…

When in reality these statements are just excuses. Excuses to not do the hard work of creating wealth. So may are just stuck in the hamster wheel of just chasing the next deal


The Hamster Wheel of Personal Production

In real estate and real estate investing, we see it all the time. People get stuck in what we call the “HAMSTER WHEEL OF PERSONAL PRODUCTION”.. This is where they are forever on this hamster wheel where they are just trying to get to the next deal or two. They are so busy and distracted chasing that deal, that they never stop to actually put anything in place to actually start to create wealth in their lives.

We have met many in the “industry” that are still doing that exact same thing 20 or 30 years later that they were when they first got into the business… Which is still chasing their next deal.

Maybe the chase has gotten a little easier… Maybe now they are getting more referrals… but basically the business is the same as it was.. Constantly chasing the next deal