Get Paid Today?

I get it… We all want to chase after that big commission… or that big finders fee right?

I mean that’s why we got into the real estate business in the first place are for the FAT STACKS!!

Am I wrong?

Well I’m no different. Nothing quite like helping someone in a big way and then getting a BIG FAT CHECK !

That was working well for me up until the crash of 2007-2008. Prior to that my wife and I  had a good team going.

She would go and show the houses, and then she would let me take over and do the negotiation, and the mortgage on the property.

That way we were “double dipping” on the commission… and man some of those commissions were pretty nice 4 figures plus sometimes

and 2 of them for the same transaction.. We were loving that!

That all changed for us though when the crash hit… All of a sudden we were both essentially out of work.. and we had a 16K monthly nut we

had to pay for all the rentals, expenses, that we had.

We were in trouble.

You can read more about that story somewhere else on this blog… But what I wanted to share with you in this post is this

I needed a way to get paid today

If I had a duplicatable way that I could get paid today… Regardless of what is going on in the Real Estate Market, or any current

CRISIS that is going on… Or any financially crash… My financial problems would likely be over… soon after I discovered that method.

There were three things that this new “GET PAID TODAY” process needed to do for me.

#1. It needed to help me grow a bigger network.. Real Estate, and Real Estate Investing is all about having a HUGE network… So when I “GPT -GOT PAID TODAY”

I needed it be on the way to bigger and better sales opportunties

#2. I needed it to cost less than it made me… I couldn’t dump more money  (i didn’t have any left) into advertising  than it was making me (on the front end)

If I was spending 200.00 to sell something that was 100.00 profit,… That wasn’t going to work

#3. i wanted it to be automatic. To be able to run in the background while I was doing something else.



Now I want to share the same thing with you… If your sales processes and everything is already working perfectly… lets just shift one aspect… And lets start getting you

PAID TODAY… And see how that changes your life.

How cool would it be to add IMMEDIATE income to your existing sales process. Or if you don’t have a sales process.. How about building one that pays you UPFRONT while you are growing your network?

If you’d like to learn more about adding a “GET PAID TODAY” step in your sales funnel CLICK HERE