Over our 30+ years working with business people, real estate professionals and investors, we’ve learned a thing or two.

The real epiphany came to me was that there are about 4 business cycles or “MINDSETS” that most go through.  This is pretty much true of Any business or occupation..

The business cycles are..



This is the phase when people want to learn “HOW” to do a new business or a new opportunity.


The only indicator that someone has graduated out of the Education Phase, is when they do their first couple of transactions in their new business.

That doesn’t mean that the education phase has ended, we all want to continue learning, but it indicates that the person has gotten out of the Education cycle

and has moved on to actually doing work and starting to implement what they have learned


This is where most people end up in their cycle. They spend the majority of their time and effort chasing their “next deal”, or “Filling their pipeline”.This is where



This is the cycle of business that unfortunately most people never get to.  This is the cycle that not only will we start to automate our business, but that we’ll actually

start to add multiple streams of income, automation, and start to build networks organizations systems and structures.  This is really where the mindset shift happens

between chasing deals and creating true wealth. Nationwide statistics tell us that most people only have 1 stream of income, or if a married couple, 2. Which in this day of

Post Corona Virus… Simply just may not be enough.

Too many people are dependent on a very fragile economic system. Especially those of us that are involved in Real Estate and Real Estate Investing… We can always

pivot in our industry and roll with the punches… But why just be dependent on only one industry.

The people that make it to Business Cycle #4 start to create automation, and multiple streams of Income.

Typically a side benefit of reaching into this phase is that typically your personal production goes up as well. For example ,if you are a real estate agent or an investor,

as you start to automate your business and start to set up systems and organizations you’ll soon realize that your personal production will go up as well.

Although that is ideal… We want to help people have more personal production… That is not the end goal of our network. It is very possible to get into this phase

and stay there… Its a combination of Staying in the Hamster Wheel, but adding automation systems and structures. Its a tricky tightrope to walk… But ultmately

our goal is to help people CREATE WEALTH, not just do more transactions… More transactions is fantastic… and is a side goal of “REPRO HACKERS NETWORK”

But it is not our end goal. We want to help people graduation from chasing transactions to actually creating wealth in real estate and real estate investing.



Our “REPRO HACKERS” network participants, understand that building and monetizing a NATIONWIDE REFERRAL NETWORK is Key.

The “HACK” that we have found and uncovered for our team members is that we need to start our business partners at phase 4.

The faster that we can jump into Phase #4 Which is automation, systems, and organization is vital to saving YEARS off building a REAL business,

creating Multiple Streams of Income. A HUGE NATIONWIDE NETWORK adds immediate income, residual income, and untold resources, partner ships…

the list goes on on on of the benefits of building a HUGE NETWORK. Typically you want these people to know who you are, like you and be on your “TEAM’ to

help you create wealth!

A side benefit of how we grow the REPRO HACKERS NETWORK… IS that we do this at an IMMEDIATE PROFIT. So as our team members start on phase 4 and 5

in their beginning of their business association with us, they are creating an IMMEDIATE 2 ADDITIONAL STREAMS OF INCOME, and IMMEDIATE PROFIT.

So wherever you are at in the BUSINESS CYCLES ABOVE, when you join the REPRO HACKERS NETWORK…. We jump you to phases 4 and 5… Immediately giving you 2

additional streams of income, automating your existing business, and plugging you in to our VAST network!


If you would like to learn how to jump to phase 4 or phase 5 in your business, and immediately add 2 additional streams of income… Please CLICK HERE