The Next Logical Step

What is the next logical step for you?  Well that depends on where your business is now.  Even more importantly where you are wanting to go.

If you’re brand new to your business, then your needs and your wants are going to be very different that someone that is more experienced. But the one thing that everyone seems to always want is more qualified leads for their business(es).


At some point Real Estate Professionals, Real estate Investor and heck most ALL business people come to the realization that they need “leads” or contacts to grow their businesses.Our business here at is no different. We are always looking for the next batch of people that we can help.

But where things are different here with us at the “REPROHACKERS NETWORK” is that we aren’t just looking to create one deal with one customer.. and then do it all over again (A process I call the Hamster Wheel of Personal Production),  We are building a NATIONWIDE (and soon to be WORLDWIDE) network of highly motivated, active  and engaged “REPRO HACKERS” that are on their way to wealth in real estate and real estate investing, as well as in business.

Along the way we are all growing, partnering, learning and making money together!

The Hamster Wheel  Of  Personal Production

At some point most people get tired of the “chase” Many in our group are Real Estate Professionals or Investors or Entrepreneurs that simply got really tired of the “Chase” of finding new customers. Most of them love what they did… Loan officers liked helping their customers get the right loan, Realtors liked helping people get a house… Business people enjoyed the process once they had a “qualified” customer to work with…. But most of them got very tired of constantly “chasing” for the next deal, the next customer… Most ended up spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME in that process.

If you’re new to investing or business … Take our word for it… Learning the “HOW” is the easy part… Actually finding deals, customers, buyers, and sellers is where the true “GRIND” of the business comes from, and what stops most would be investors/business people. The chase to find the next customer.. The chase to get them do what they need to do. The chase of all the parties to a transaction getting together… The last minute “chase” before a loan can close… Only to do it all over again.

I got tired of the “CHASE” a long time ago, and so I invented ways around it. .

Automated Marketing For Real Estate Professionals, Investors and Entrepreneurs

There was  “stairstep” of events that happened that changed our business around… But the first and most important was the ability to use technology to get the phone to ring. I know it may not sound like a big deal. But getting AUTOMATED INBOUND PHONE CALLS, and sign ups for our business was of paramount importance. See the difference between being the “hunted” or the “hunter” is dramatic. The people that called us were much more responsive and serious, than the ones that we would cold called.

That was step number one… AUTOMATED INBOUND PHONE CALLS AND APPOINTMENTS for our real estate team. Attraction marketing at it’s finest… We were able to get the qualified and interested people to CALL US… Instead of wasting all of our time, effort and energy on the “Chase”…


Until you experience it for yourself, it’s hard to describe when your phone is ringing OFF THE HOOK with people that are PREQUALIFIED and want to talk to you and do a deal right now…

The first “rung” on the Stairstep to Wealth Creation

The 2nd was… Taking that Automation 1 step further… and using it to create AUTOMATED MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME..